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Complete Titan Launcher   $349.99      Only a few left in stock -PLEASE CONTACT DIRECTLY FOR ORDERS!!                   

The Titan is not a toy - you MUST read the safety warning at the bottom of this page before checking out!

​​Included:  Titan Assembly and installation bolts, Painted Launch Pad, Pull Trigger, Two extra launch #4 nozzle stoppers, Two Extra Firing Pins, Two High Pressure Bolts, and Instruction Manual

Assembly is hand made from machined 6063 aluminum, all steel fasteners, 10' high pressure hose

​Pull Trigger is 12' long and made of durable and strong 1/4" cord and features a safety tether

Launch Pad is extremely stable and made from solid 1/2" plywood and 2X4 legs.  Comes painted black with the white Titan Logo.

Some basic assembly required.  All you will need is an adjustable wrench to tighten 6 nuts and you are ready to launch!

​****If planning on firing from a CO2 tank  you will need extra parts that are not included  - See the statement above!****​​

The Original Titan High Pressure Water Rocket Launcher!  

This is the best high pressure water rocket launcher on the planet.  Period.  Are you a classroom teacher looking for the most reliable way to launch large water rockets with your classes? Are you an amateur scientist looking for the ultimate way to launch your experimental rockets?  This is it! There are other toy-like launchers out there on the market but none compare to the Titan. Here's why:

All you need is a standard bike pump and  soda or water bottles

The Titan will launch rockets made from all standard 16oz, 20oz, 1Liter, 2Liter, and 3Liter water and soda/pop bottles and rocket charging is accomplished with any standard bike pump (not included).  This means that material cost is low.   Materials found at home can be used to transform plastic bottles into exciting high-altitude projectiles!

The ultimate student project

Trust us that students in your class will want to jump right into building and launching rockets.  This is the ultimate way to study Newton's Laws and bring physics to life.  The Titan launcher was created and refined for our high school students and has evolved through four years of intense field use and thousands of flights.  This could be the beginning of one project you certainly won't have to provide the motivation for!  The process of building water rockets is truly hands on and makes for genuine collaboration among students.   Rockets can be simple or complex and may involve coupling bottles, elaborate parachute design, water to air ratios, and aerodynamic study of of fin and nose cone shapes.  When we do this project we use it as a great way to  jump into basic trigonometry calculations and find rocket height from a sighted apex angle.  

Easy to load and fire, infinitely reusable, and extremely stable

This launcher is designed to stand on its own, support large rockets (I've seen rockets 8 feet tall blast off su​ccessfully)  and fire fast and reliably. Rockets can be loaded and launched within a minute!  There are other water rocket launchers out there on the market but they are toys compared to the Titan!  The Titan is mounted to a sturdy 2' X 2' solid plywood base and is capable charging and launching massive rockets easily!   Compare this to other launchers that simply sit in the grass and fall over when you pull the trigger!  There is no comparison.

Inventors of the Brunton Axis Transit

​​       ​       Real Science Innovations ​LLC

Safety Warning:

The Titan High Pressure Water Rocket Launcher is VERY SAFE when used properly.  I have launched thousands of rockets without a single injury with both middle and high school students. Nonetheless, it is NOT a toy and you should agree to the following before you purchase your very own Titan:

​The Titan Launcher is not a toy!  By adding the Titan to your cart and proceeding through the checkout procedures you are affirmatively stating that you understand that the Titan is not a toy and can be dangerous if used improperly.  You understand that the Titan Launcher utilizes high pressure air, can cause explosions, and could possibly lead to injury, property damage, or even death.  You represent that you will not allow any person less than 18 years of age to use the Titan Launcher without adult supervision.  You will read the assembly and instruction manual thoroughly before using the Titan Launcher and will not use the Titan Launcher if you do not understand any aspect of the assembly and instruction manual.  You will not attempt to modify the Titan Launcher, use it for purposes not described in the assembly and instruction manual, or use the Titan Launcher if any part is broken or otherwise compromised.  Inspection of fasteners that may loosen over repeated use is imperative.  You assume all risk arising out of any use of the Titan Launcher not in compliance with this paragraph or the assembly and instruction manual.

Contact Us:     Phone: 1 (970) 903-7684        Email: realscienceinnovations@gmail.com                801 South 2nd St. Lander, Wyoming  82520

​  Trigger+Tether                                               Assembly                                                 Launch Pad

Extra Options:  High Volume Rocket Launching

When we launch lots of rockets during class or at a public exhibition the bike pump gets your arms pretty tired.  It may also be the case that you build rockets that have such large chambers that pumping will take a long time.  My solution to this is to charge by CO2 tank.  We fire rockets with a 20lb CO2 tank  ($80-90 from beveragefactory.com) and beer keg regulator (around $50) that mounts directly to the Titan.   On the regulator one dial measures tank pressure and the other pressure to the launcher. You usually have to buy a high pressure dial (that registers up to about 120psi)  to replace the one that comes with the regulator because you will be putting out more pressure to the rocket than to a keg of beer (only to about 10-12psi)  Retrofitting the Titan to launch this way takes a small amount of work.  You will have to remove the schrader valve from the last brass fitting on the hose and conncect directly to the regulator with some common air fittings that you can get at your local hardware store.  I recommend adding a bit more hose to give yourself some room between the tank and the Titan.   I have successfully launched at rates of 50+  launches per hour with the tank.

Hand-built in Lander, WY 

Each Titan launcher is built and machined by hand and made of the sturdiest materials available.  The launchers are made, adjusted, and tested one by one personally in my shop so the quality is unmatched!   The launcher itself is made of 6063 aluminum and all steel fasteners and springs.  The launch nozzle is a user-replaceable #4 stopper.  Each launcher utilizes top-quality Goodyear air hose and there is a one way spring check valve in the line to ensure that the bike pump stays dry.  The base is made of solid 1/2" plywood and has 4 sturdy painted 6" legs.   Each 2' by 2' base comes painted gloss black with the white Titan Logo stenciled on it.  We do our best to use local vendors and recycled materials for some of the parts in the Titan to keep materials out of the landfill.

Launches bottle rockets at super high pressure for high altitude flights

The Titan is designed to launch water bottle rockets at high pressure. It sends rockets off at 70+ psi and can even approach the bursting pressure of the bottles if you wish.  Other launchers only attain 30-40psi max.  This means that water rockets launched off of the Titan can reach heights in the thousands of feet.  If you haven't seen a water rocket leap into the sky to the awe of everyone watching, trust us - it's exciting and addictive! 

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High Pressure!!!

Extra Parts:  Please contact directly for orders!

#4 Rubber stoppers for the main nozzle (w/hole)  $1.99 each            

(one stopper will last about 100 flights before it wears out)   

Extra High Pressure Bolts      $6.99  for two 

Just in case you lose the originals in the grass 

Extra Trigger Firing Pins  $5.99  for four

The originals will last at least a really long time but you may want want a few spares

Extra Trigger & Safety Tether     $19.99

Includes 12 foot cord & handle, safety tether, and 2 additional firing pins