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Directional Bearings and Vertical Angles:This instructional video focuses on the measurement methods for directional bearings and vertical angles with the Brunton Axis.  We also discuss how to adjust the Axis for magnetic declination and how to take measurements with the Axis on a tripod.  

Check out our instructional videos below to learn how to use the Axis in all of its measurement configurations. Our videos are also posted on our Real Science Innovations YouTube channel.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Axis methods!

Axis Instructional Videos

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Getting Oriented:  This is the first of four Brunton Axis instructional videos.  In this orientation, we introduce the novel features of the Axis and some helpful terminology.  Watching this video first will better help you understand the instructional videos that follow.

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Inventors of the Brunton Axis Transit

​Trend and Plunge: This instructional video introduces the methods of simultaneously measuring trend and plunge of lineations with the Brunton Axis.  Lineations plunging towards and away from the user are measured, along with lineations on an overhanging surface. Measuring rake of a lineation is also demonstrated.  

Strike and Dip:  This instructional video introduces you to the methods for simultaneously measuring strike and dip of planar features with the Brunton Axis.  Standard and alternate lid configurations are shown, along with measurements of a variety of planar orientations.  Contact and sighting methods are also demonstrated.