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Rule of V's Blocks - Set of Three                   $209.99                        

As with all of our handmade products, please allow up to two weeks between ordering and shipping!

Rule of V's Blocks

Having trouble getting your field geology or structural geology students to understand the infamous Rule of V's?  This set of three blocks can help!  

Completely handmade out of hardwood, each block features a darker "bed" and two different "valleys" that intersect it.  This allows students to visualize the relationships between topography and geologic features that have a variety of orientations: horizontal, vertical, dipping upstream, dipping downstream, steeply-dipping, gently-dipping.  When viewed from above ("map view"), students can then better understand how to map geologic contacts and features as they cross valleys and other topographic features.  These are a high quality set and will last a lifetime!

Each order comes with three blocks that are each approximately 5" x 4" x 3.25" high.  Since they are handmade, please allow slight variation from what is pictured here!

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