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Students measuring Triassic strata using our Jacob's Staffs near Ghost Ranch, New Mexico during summer field camp.

Jacob's Staffs come completely assembled and are field-ready!  They are available in any quantity but ship maximum 5 per box, with a $20 shipping fee per box.  

​After years of making Jacob's Staffs for my college's geology program, we've perfected a model that is field-hardy and student-approved!  A woodworking inclinometer is attached to a hardwood staff with a metal base, with a sighting tube situated at a height of 1.5 meters mounted on an oak platform.  The inclinometer can measure angles up to 90 degrees in either direction, with single degree graduations. White heat-shrink stripes are at 25 cm increments and are visible in many lighting situations and from long distances.  With its unique built-in inclinometer, our Jacob's Staff avoids costly damages that often occur when expensive compasses/transits are attached at the top, as most other Jacob's Staffs require.  This model allows accurate bed thicknesses to be measured by students and professionals alike!  

Field-Tested, Student-Proof Jacob's Staffs

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Our Jacob's Staffs are hand built by busy people!  Please allow up to two weeks between ordering and delivery.


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