Agriculture & Landfill Model

Our simplest model helps visualize the effects of point source (landfill) and non-point source (agricultural field) pollution on groundwater and surface water.  It also helps students understand drawdown from over-production; they can see the cone of depression form!  As with all of our models, standard concepts such as the water table, confined vs. unconfined aquifers, porosity and permeability, artesian aquifers and wells, surface-groundwater connections, and hydraulic gradient are able to be visualized.  ​​

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These "ant farm" models are the ultimate way to teach and visualize groundwater dynamics!  Food coloring "pollutants" are injected into various parts of the model, allowing students to experiment with an endless number of scenarios in the groundwater-surface water system. 

We offer three standard groundwater model styles, plus the option to customize your own.

All of our models are hand made out of strong and optically clear 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" plexiglass (acrylic).  "Geological" layer choices include sand, various gravels, activated charcoal (coal) and clay.  All of our wells can be used for injection and pumping, for maximum versatility.  Overall size of each model is 24" x 12" x 1.5".


Fracking Model

Our most advanced model is designed to help students visualize how fracking works and the effects it can have if things go wrong.  Our geologically complex model not only illustrates important standard concepts, but it has a fracking well in a hypothetical coalbed methane operation.  This well is next to an old poorly-completed well where contamination can travel at depth and near the surface to affect shallow drinking water wells.  This is an extremely important, societally-relevant issue to help students of all levels to understand!


Each groundwater model comes with a bucket, 1-quart recharge bottle with stopper and tube, 3 small poly bottles for dyes (not included), 3 plastic syringes, rubber tubing, setup instructions, and suggested student activities. 

​Our models are hand-made to order, so please allow at least one month between ordering and delivery, more if a large or custom order.  There will be an initial $40 shipping charge per model but we will have to do a real time quote and charge the difference (if there is one) based on where we ship.   Thank you for your understanding!

Physical Groundwater Models


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Agriculture & Landfill Model                                      $899.99

​Leaky Septic & Underground Tank Model              $949.99

​Fracking Model                                                           $1049.99

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Leaky SEPTIC & underground tank Model

Our leaky tank model helps visualize what happens when septic tanks or leach fields leak bacterial contaminants and when other underground tanks leak chemical contaminants into the groundwater system.  Flow direction can be reversed due to neighboring well pumping, and wells that normally would be "safe" become contaminated.  This model also illustrates all of the standard concepts listed above in the Agriculture & Landfill Model.

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​​**Please email us to begin your order and to get an estimate.  We will send you our model template where you can sketch your ideas - then we can turn it into reality!​

Custom Models

In addition to our three standard models above, we can work with you to create custom models that visualize your local geologic setting and groundwater-surface water situation!  Pricing and timing will depend upon the complexity of geological layers and the number and placement of wells and additional features.