Customized Pencil Sets

If your department or field camp has mapping projects that focus on specific geologic time periods, we would be happy to work with you on customizing pencil sets for your students.  We can only customize sets if orders will consist of 10 or more kits.  Contact us to start this process!

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Geology Colored Pencils

Designed to Match USGS Geologic Map Color Scheme

The wait is over!  After many student requests and years of packaging pencil sets to match specific geologic time periods for our own students, here is the first set of commercially available colored pencils specifically designed for geologists and geology students!


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Field Set of 14 Geo Colored Pencils

In the field, it may only be convenient to carry the most basic geologic color set.  In our basic field set pictured to the right, we have chosen the 14 best representatives of geologic time period colors, including one Precambrian and one volcanic color.  This set comes packaged in a reclosable 8" x 5" plastic bag.  This set is part of our Field Geology Kits, but is sold separately here.

Set of 30 Geo Colored Pencils

Geology students or professionals who want a good representative distribution of geologic map colors will enjoy our set of 30 pencils, pictured below and to the right. Here we have chosen two colors from each geologic time period, with three Precambrian and three volcanic colors. This set comes packaged in a convenient Niji Roll container, pictured to the right, which is 8" x 19" unrolled, and 8" x 4" x 2" when rolled.  

Inventors of the Brunton Axis Transit

Set of 14 Geo Colored Pencils - $20.99 

Set of 30 Geo Colored Pencils - $54.99 


We have assembled colors that closely match the USGS Color Scheme, as presented in the AGI Geoscience Handbook. We offer high-quality Prismacolor Premier soft-core colored pencils that provide consistent coverage on paper, vellum, and mylar alike. They are erasable, and lines and symbols can be inked below or above colors. Despite the move towards digital geologic mapping, many field programs continue to recognize the educational value of hand-drawing and coloring geologic maps.  These pencils provide a much higher quality, more geologically intuitive finished product than standard pencils sets! We offer two different sets, and the possibility of customizing a set to meet your mapping needs!