Axis Specifications:

Dimensions (closed): 3.92" x 2.78" x 1.18"

Weight: 12.5 oz

Compass Bearing Accuracy: +/- 0.5° with 1° graduations

Inclinometer Accuracy: +/- 0.5° with 1° graduations

Dip Angle Accuracy: +/- 1° with 2° graduations

Plunge Angle Accuracy: +/- 0.5° with 1° graduations

Compass Needle Magnetism: NdFeB rare earth magnet on sapphire jewel suspension, with induction damping for quick stabilization


  • ​Overall Length (with mounted Axis) =  19"

  • Length from Axis to end of core fitting =  16"

  • Depth of slotted core collar  =  3" (can be customized)

  • ​Diameter of slotted collar= 1" ID; 1 1/8" OD

  • Acrylic and brass solar compass is 12" tall, 3.5"wide


Solar Compass for any Brunton transit

Price:         $19.99


We will always sell the Brunton Axis at its lowest allowable retail price here at Real Science Innovations.  Buying through us supports us, its inventors, and helps boost our status as a Brunton retailer.  Like all Brunton Professional Transits, the Axis comes with a leather carrying case and instruction manual.  

Important Notes (read before ordering!): 
For international orders, please contact us first before placing your order.  We will have to adjust shipping costs, and you may need special needle balancing for best accuracy in your particular location.  
Contact Brunton directly for bulk sales (over 10 units).  

​​Brunton Axis Transit - Azimuth (0-360°)                                    Price: $619.99

Brunton Axis Transit - Quadrant                                                 Price: $619.99

Solar Compass on the Axis in the sun


Brunton Axis-Specific Paleomagnetic Orienter and Solar Compass                                                           

 Price:       $179.99


Solar Compass for all Brunton Transits

​Solar Compass, Axis, and Paleomagnetic Orienter

Axis Details:

  • Adjustable needle locking mechanism

  • Hard anodized aluminum billet body
  • Vial levels on each side for easier leveling
  • Round level on compass face
  • Magnetic declination adjustment for east or west
  • O-rings for waterproof protection of compass internals
  • Manufactured by Brunton in Riverton, WY
  • Limited lifetime warranty through Brunton

Download the Brunton Axis Instruction Manual

Our simple solar compass fits all Brunton professional transits and is available only  through RSI.  It is sold with our Axis-specific paleomagnetic core orienter (above) and is also sold separately here (below).  


Inventors of the Brunton Axis Transit

     Contact Us:      Phone: 1 (970) 903-7684          Email:            801 South 2nd St. Lander, Wyoming  82520

Getting Oriented:  This is the first of four Brunton Axis instructional videos.  In this orientation, we introduce the novel features of the Axis and some helpful terminology.  Watching this video first will better help you understand the instructional videos that follow.


Strike and Dip:  This instructional video introduces you to the methods for simultaneously measuring strike and dip of planar features with the Brunton Axis.  Standard and alternate lid configurations are shown, along with measurements of a variety of planar orientations.  Contact and sighting methods are also demonstrated.

Axis Accessories 

Visit our Brunton Professional Transits page for more accessories that work for all Brunton Transits.

Mounted on the Geo transit

​Trend and Plunge: This instructional video introduces the methods of simultaneously measuring trend and plunge of lineations with the Brunton Axis.  Lineations plunging towards and away from the user are measured, along with lineations on an overhanging surface. Measuring rake of a lineation is also demonstrated.  

Check out our instructional videos below to learn how to use the Axis in all of its measurement configurations. Our videos are also posted on our Real Science Innovations YouTube channel.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Axis methods!

Directional Bearings and Vertical Angles:This instructional video focuses on the measurement methods for directional bearings and vertical angles with the Brunton Axis.  We also discuss how to adjust the Axis for magnetic declination and how to take measurements with the Axis on a tripod.  

​Mounted on the Axis transit

Mounted on the Comp Pro transit


Invented and Patented by Real Science Innovations

We invented the Axis through the process of teaching field geology, seeking a tool that could take intuitive, simultaneous measurements. The Axis features a revolutionary twist on the traditional pocket transit and can measure EVERY ANGLE, EVERY DIRECTION.

Product Features:

  • Innovative dual-axis, hollow hinge allows for efficient, accurate measurements of planes, lines, bearings, and inclinations.
  • Only one measurement configuration is needed for each measurement type.
  • Compass North is oriented parallel to the main hinge which rotates 360°, making the Axis the only transit that can measure strike and dip simultaneously, on any surface!
  • The novel lid protractor and 360° rotation around minor axis make the Axis the only transit that can simultaneously measure trend and plunge, even on overhanging surfaces!
  • The hollow sighting tube through the hinge eliminates the need for a mirror and sighting arm.

​This precision-machined and Brunton Axis-specific orienter is another RSI original and can simultaneously measure the azimuth and vertical angle of in-place cores drilled with 1 1/8" core drill bits (1" core ID).​  It fits directly into the major axis sighting tube of the Axis and has a customizable slotted copper collar for marking core.   Made of high quality thick gauge aluminum, copper, and brass components.   Includes solar compass (also available separately below).  Axis not included - see above!  

Durable acrylic and brass construction

New!  Axis-Specific Paleomagnetic Orienter

Axis Instructional Videos


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​​       ​       Real Science Innovations ​LLC

Solar compass breaks down for easy storage.          12" tall when attached to the Axis